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For 20 years my dad owned and ran his own business in Farmington, NY. He sold lawnmowers, snowmobiles and bicycles and specialized in small engine repair. I took this image the week he retired and closed his business that was at was a huge part of our lives. This is a...
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Fishing Festival in Gloucester, MA

A woman plays fetch in the water with her dog while in the background the locals are celebrating during a fishing festival. Gloucester, MA - 24 Sept 2014
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SEM image

Some of the most difficult and time consuming images I've ever captured were using a Scanning Electron Microscope.  The process in which you need to prepare your subject is an incredible feat of science in of itself. This is an image of a tick that I captured at RIT...
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What is Black Belt Excellence?

I recently asked my students at Kime Karate about their definition of Black Belt Excellence.  These are some of their responses. Sam Griffin's full response was "Black belt is a martial arts related phrase. Excellence is a term that denotes high quality. Black Belt...
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My heart is in your hands.

I asked and she said yes! Two people, sharing a life, growing love, together. Black and white engagement photo with the blue diamond ring in color.
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